Full Moon Walks

Full Moon Walks

Zondag 13 oktober, dinsdag 12 november en donderdag 12 december van 22.00 tot 23.00
Join us for the upcoming full moon walks! Full moons are a powerful time for celebration. Acknowledging and bringing gratitude for who we are and all what we have accomplished. The moon’s energy amplifies manifestation, vision and the potential of possibilities, a perfect time to project our visions and goals. Enjoying a walk under her light enhances healing and wellbeing, observing the beauty of who we are and all what there is around us. Join us during a one hour walk through the beautiful Ijburg sights. We will do a starting breathing exercise to set your intention, followed by a walk under the moon light and ending with a short meditation and a lovely cup of tea. If you like it, you can help Naar Zee grow by giving a donation so that we can bring more activities to you all to experience and enjoy. We are always grateful for your support! If you want to join please send an email to or

Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DN Amsterdam, Nederland