Mantric Medicine by Maneesh de Moor

Mantric Medicine by Maneesh de Moor

Zondag 16 juni van 16.00 tot 18.00
16 juni 16:00-18:00 / doors open at 15:30 donation: 15 euro cash at the door registration via email: Mantric Medicine by Maneesh de Moor Kirtan, chanting mantras, the names of gods and deities in Sanskrit and related languages, is an ancient practice in the East, and has been proven to be so beneficial in many ways, especially when conducted properly, with respect for the tradition and yet exploring a new musical way to embed these prayers and tribal songs into our own heritage. This afternoon of blissful chanting is for everyone, you don't need to be good at singing to join, just come and enjoy the flow of the process, in which we are all invited to open our voices in different ways, and get to experience a sense of oneness with all that is. MANEESH DE MOOR is a renowned music producer, singer, pianist and composer in the world of yoga, meditation and shamanism - He released the groundbreaking albums “SADHANA”, “Call of the Mystic” and lately “MEDICINE BUDDHA” and “Songs from the Tree of Light”. He has toured with Deva Premal, and collaborated with many world class musicians around the globe, including Ajeet Kaur, Sudha, Praful, Bahramji. He holds a powerful space of musical inspiration and all of his music is coming from a place of devotion. He also works as a practitioner of plant medicine and takes people into shamanic journeys of deep exploration of their inner realms.

Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DN Amsterdam, Nederland